Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

3-wheel scooters are made for young,learning riders until they gain sufficient expertise to ride a 2-wheel scooter.

Globber Primo 3 Wheel scooter appears with larger wheels in the front,that offers greater stability,especially when rolling over sidewalk cracks or rougher surfaces.

The child use to lean with the handlebars to steer, which relates the pivot with ball bearings that turn the front 2 wheels to move.

It’s high-rebound PU material and ABEC 5 bearings deliver an extremely smooth ride and lasts longer than other wheel materials.

At a Glance :

  • Age Range: 2 to 6 Year
  • Scooter Weight: 5.95 Ibs
  • Weight Capacity: 110 Ibs
  • Rating : 4.6/5.0

The handlebars is adjustable from 26.5 to 31 inches from the deck,so you kids will not outgrow it.

Coming equipped with patented secure Lock button and steel plate reinforced deck that provides a stable and responsive ride, Globber Primo 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter ensures a nice and quite riding experience for the kids.

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