GOOGO Kick Scooter for Kids & Toddlers Girls or Boys 3 Wheel scooter

GOOGO Kick 3 wheel scooter  features PU wheels, delivers an extremely smooth and quiet ride, without leaving any streaks or marks on indoor flooring.

The reinforced,low-to-the-ground wide deck is large enough to hold both feet on and is easy for your kids to get on or off.

It’s handlebars can be easily removed from the deck by the push of a button and thus reduces the storage area, thats why easy for the child to carry, perfect design for travel.

With adjustable handlebars and grips,extra wide and low-to-the-ground deck, it’s an ideal choice for kids ages 3-13.

Light up wheels are designed with energy of motion technology, which  mean lights will get brighter more as fast as your kids go.

At a glance :

  • Age Range: 3 to 13 Years
  • Scooter Weight: 5.7 Pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 120 Pounds
  • Rating : 4.6/5.0

Features :

  • PU light up wheels
  • Wide and sturdy
  • Reinforced wide deck
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • 3 adjustable handlebar height options 28/30.75/34 inch
  • Removeable t-bar
  • Low-to-the-ground deck
  • Wooden floor scratch resistant

The reinforced low-to-the-ground wide deck is easy for the kids to get on or off

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